HDBG utilizes a proven process that works. The project is conceptualize, developed and completed. All of this is to provide our client with a project that will serve its intended use well, efficiently and for many years to come.


The pre-construction process begins with a Pre Construction Conceptual Study (PCCS) and continues through to the building permit. This process is for all sports facilities and commercial facilities including tennis courts, indoor courts, squash, basketball, indoor soccer, commercial construction, industrial construction and warehouses.

The PCCS is a critical and beneficial work product for all projects. It is the first time the project is put together in a deliverables package. Program is defined, project is drawn, described, budgeted and scheduled. This is the first time a tangible representation of all the project elements is in place, and this becomes the baseline for the project development. This provides reliable, actionable information for the client’s use.

  • Written Program;
  • Concept Drawing;
  • Description of Work;
  • Budget;
  • Schedule;
  • Call for more information.


Once approval of the Pre Construction Conceptual Study is given, either as is or modified, the design development team meets to kick off the design development. The team includes HDBG, the architect, all engineers and sometimes the owner.

The DD is a three-step process wherein drawings are developed based on the PCCS. Drawings are developed to the 40% stage where a program, budget and design review is made. Based on this review, drawings are then completed to 80% with a complete review made prior to Building Department Submission Level at which time all drawing disciplines are completed for municipal review. Any building department comments are incorporated into the final construction drawings.


The start of construction bidding begins during the design-development phase. All sub trades are competitively bid. Long lead time items are scheduled and ordered for when needed. Essential sub-contractors are chosen based on cost, schedule and qualifications. These agreements are then prepared and ready for execution upon issuance of the Building Permit.

Keys to successful construction and completion:

  • uniform agreement documents;
  • on-site supervision;
  • quality control;
  • adherence to schedule;
  • coordination;
  • communication through regularly scheduled project meetings;
  • teamwork.


Attention to detail from the very beginning is needed for successful completion of all projects. HDBG philosophy is that the start of construction is the start of closeout. Among the many details, HDBG ensures that permits are in place and inspection requirements are met. Along those same lines, third-party certifications needed are identified, received and in place. All equipment undergoes warranty startup. Closeout manuals and warranties are finalized for submission to the client.


Our clients’ sustainability goals are reviewed at the beginning of all projects. This can range from LEED Certification, Green Globe Certification or to other specific goals. HDBG supports all sustainability criteria from LEED, US Green Building , to The Green Globe, Green Building Initiative,

Sustainability is built into every project whether to meet third party criteria, or best practices which incorporate project elements that are a matter of choice and have little or no impact on costs. HDBG does incorporate these items as long-term benefits to the owner. HDBG goal for the project, after completion, is to provide an efficient, problem-free, maintainable facility for many years to come. HDBG recognizes that completion of the construction is just the beginning of the facility’s life.