Pre-Engineered Steel Construction

The heart of the project begins with a concept. HDBG assists in articulating and memorializing the project concept in its function, use and client’s goals. From this start, the project becomes a tangible entity from vision to reality. Utilizing the experience and creative abilities of all team members the conceptual design is developed, reviewed, budgeted and defined. This becomes the foundation for the development of the project

HDGB is one of the best pre-engineered steel building companies. HDBG is an authorized STAR Buildings Systems distributor. Pre-engineered steel benefits many projects needing clear spans, covering large areas, multi-story or even custom buildings. All buildings are custom in the sense that they are designed, engineered, and fabricated on a project by project basis. With 20 years of pre-engineered steel experience, HDBG can offer expertise and distributor pricing. The benefits of pre-engineered steel are vast and include:

  • early shell design;
  • flexible design;
  • long life roof;
  • economical cost;
  • speed of delivery;
  • ease of construction details;
  • choice to use pre-engineered siding systems or conventional finishes;
  • wide span, custom, multi-story.

Pre-engineered steel and project types have been referenced in many ways such as “butler buildings,” quality steel buildings, custom metal buildings, affordable steel buildings, commercial prefab buildings, metal warehouse building, industrial storage buildings, arched metal building, or even metal warehouse building construction or pre-engineered steel facilities with arched metal and warehouse buildings. No matter how structures are reinforced, all need a level of pre-construction development prior to pre-engineered steel design. HDBG provides these services including pre-construction planning for pre-engineered steel building in all types of pre-engineered steel facilities, including those with arched metal and metal warehouse buildings.